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Sacred Medicine

Our bodies were sacred to our ancestors and the way to keep them well was by keeping them aligned with nature. This is the reason why cleaning our bodies with elements such as water, air, smoke and medicinal plants alleviate tensions and cleanses the aura. This is done by floating these elements over the body. These millennial shamanic cleansings will help our guests feel relaxed and with energy to participate and accomplish their goals at Ayni. Their experiences will be more fluid and healing.


Now that our spirits have been filled with the world’s daily life and this is suffocating our hearts, we should think of those who at one point in time lived free with clean minds, bodies and spirits. It’s time to go back to the simplicity that our ancestors used to have living in communion with nature which we call Wise Mother, Mother Earth or Pacha Mama. We need to detoxify ourselves and stop living a sad life. We need to find inside us the elements that make us whole like the water, earth, wind and fire. These elements will show us and open roads that will lead us to a better life.

Ayni was created because we need a place to heal.  We consider it a sacred place where you can make the decision of changing. Here you can find the reason why we are what we are in our present, cure the past and project ourselves, aligned from the heart, towards the future. The retreats we offer are based in ancestral rituals guided by experienced shamans that will accompany you in this ritual. The master plant will show each participant, his/ her own experience as is needed by that person to begin the process of healing. This process will relieve your life.


Ayahuasca, the sacred plant

Ayahuasca, “the grandma”, the wise, the one that opens roads of understanding. It’s considered the “spirit’s potion” and it’s born in the Amazon. It’s an extract that is the result of cooking the Banisteriopis caapi liana from the Ayahuasca. Its leaves have DMT from the chacruna bush Psychotria viridis. This sacred mix has been used by Shamans for centuries as a religious sacrament and as a healing method for the mind and body.

The ancestors have passed on these teachings to new generations. They are a very important part of the ceremonies. In Ayni we consider this a priority and it is vital to us that the orthodoxy of these practices is maintained. This includes chants that are called “icaros”, they are performed as the night of the ceremony progresses to help open our senses. The plant’s spirit will change lives by purifying and filling you with love as this is one of its main characteristics.

There are many scientific studies that ratify information about the Amazonian people, whose shamans care for the benefits of drinking this plant and the teachings that leave our spirits aligned with energy, healing mind and body. One of the benefits that is experienced is the expansion of the mind. Spiritual teachings also make this a unique experience. The components of this sacred potion have DMT, that is present in nature. This stimulates the pineal gland by vibrating with the same frequency making you understand the laws that command other levels in our consciousness. Other benefits of the Ayahuasca in our brain is that it acts as a neuronal connection. Scientific studies refer to Ayahuasca as a neuronal regenerative. It does not create addiction, on the contrary it helps in healing drug dependency and alcoholism.


Among the millennial plants that we use in Ayni is the Huachuma or San Pedro. This is a cactus whose name orginates from south America and it means to “cut the ego”. This is the medicine of the heart and the soul. This wonderful plant satisfies needs that we have in our life and we can learn about love and how to give love because we can’t give what we don’t know. The cleansing process of the psyche is intimate and personal, and it makes us question the type of life that we are living. The rituals that accompany the Huachuma ceremony teach us that with humbleness so we can achieve fluency in our relationships and understand that no one is superior, that we humans are not superior to any other species or anything in nature. That we can create consciousness walking hand by hand with Pacha mama or Mother earth, and that we can go back to our origins.

The mental structures in which we built our truth make us repeat our actions as something learned instead of something that needs to be felt. These actions therefore are not real. Our lives will change when we heal with the help the Huachuma. We will achieve truth and real experiences that will guide us to enlightened understanding. This is how the San Pedro or Huachuma helps us with these teachings. They show us how to establish order and priorities in our lives. At Ayni, we facilitate these plant’s sacred medicine, so our guests can have an experience that is unique and personal. We are here to help you understand the ceremonies in which the sacred plant’s spirits are present.


Temazcal or Sweat Lodge is an ancient healing tool that our ancestors used. This is actually one of the original healing tools given to humanity. It is quite primal because of the use of fire to heat the volcanic rocks and then the water that is dripped onto these rocks once inside. All Sweat Lodges roughly look like the belly of a pregnant mother. By entering you are crawling back into the womb of Mother Earth. This ceremony is considered a rebirthing process, a way to reconnect with Pachamama and heal your own life. The Temazcal is actually a medicine that can change and heal on many levels. At Ayni, we do use plant medicine in conjunction with this to enhance the connection to the spirit of these plants.


Kambo helps integrate our mind with our heart an re-align our chakras. It also helps us raise our prayers to the “Great spirit” and, is a multidimensional healer.

According to the shamans, we get help from plant and animal spirits, they are our allies. In the case of Kambo, we are allied with the Spirit of a frog that has a very strong inmunity to predators, so it will lend us a similar power to be almost DNA signature of the frog enters our body, it’s Spirit gives us the power to reject the parasitic energies that take advantage of our body, mind and spirit. Once free of these energies it is common to see our health back.

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