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We are a healing spiritual retreat center, dedicated to sharing and spreading knowledge about the benefits of the traditional ancestral Andean and spiritual medicines. Ayni is the ideal place to go back and feel a part of nature and its elements, but mainly to find yourself through the different experiences and the Andean knowledge.

We are conformed of a human plurinational team, highly capable and committed with our beliefs and with what we do. We are dedicated in offering you the whole experience and wisdom that we have acquired throughout the years. We are true to our roots, purposes and the correct use of the rituals and the plants. This is done with the purpose of experiencing a spiritual awakening, healing and physical transformation based on the respectful use of the millenary medicine that belongs to the indigenous people of America such as Ayahuasca (Yage), San Pedro (Huachuma) Yopo, Temazcal, etc. All these reinforced with alternative techniques and healing therapies like yoga, meditation, massages, magnet therapy, floral baths and shamanic cleansings. These are done with the power of the plants that are part of the culture and Andean regions. Our dedication and complete support are with everyone who wishes to experience an awakening of their consciousness which facilitates their need of  personal improvement and which allows them to evolve and connect with their essence on a very deep level.


“Ayni is word that lives” that comes from our indigenous language “quichua”. It means reciprocity, solidarity, cooperation, and mutual support. It is an action and more importantly a way of life that should be understood as the essence which triggers all of our actions.

In the Andean villages this reciprocity can be tangible or intangible and it is practiced in all aspects of the daily life such as parties, communal construction of houses, their agricultural work, the lending of property or money. Ayni is something that needs to be learned and practiced because it’s a part of the civilized Andean behavior.

The intangible manner of practicing Ayni is through the rituals and ceremonies that can be individual or in groups. For example: praying to Pacha Mama to get rain and all kind of blessings. It is also done to show gratitude for a good harvest season and to ask for protection. All these rituals bring emotional support during difficult times. They show reciprocity with the animals and plants because they are as much as we are a part of the Pacha Mama (mother earth). She is the source of life and everything that keeps us alive, she nurtures us, and it is our duty to reciprocate, to care for her and to revere her.

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